Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Messed up in the Head. In the Best Way...

Speaking of the post title, did you know Hans was going to be such a turncoat?!! I'm usually all over those types of switcheroos in movies, but I guess I just blindly turned off my brain and kicked it in to: Disney Mode when I saw Frozen....

Hey guys! This is me, post-Europe! 

Don't worry, I'm not going to start saying Ciao and driving a Vespa on I-10 (although I have ALWAYS wanted to own Vespa). I did frequently say "ciao" to my Romanian friends though seeing as how that was their word for hi and bye, kinda like "aloha." 

It was weird and I'm all kinds of extra crazy now seeing what I've seen. 

In the same week I went from using Google Translate English to Chinese (simplified) to English to Hungarian then to English to Romanian. 

I time traveled overseas which is just about the most surreal deal ever. 

I saw that movie Transcendence on the plane and it was the most awfulest. I wanted to jump out and swim home it was that bad. Johnny Depp. For shame!!!!!!! I saw The Queen. Dang. That Helen Mirren. What can't she do!?!?!?!

Oh, by the way, thank you to all that helped fund and prayed for my mission trip to Romania! God showed out in a big way as my trip was funded in the first five minutes from when I posted the need on FB -when I got the text from a family friend through church saying his company (if you are in Houston- Total Package Turnkey remodeling/renovation does great work- have used their services!!) would pay for whatever I didn't raise and sponsor me! This family has inspired me as being on fire for the Lord in wherever or through whatever He sends their way. I pray I can be as good of a steward with the provisions God gives me as they have. So that was all God!! 

If you were following- not that I have anyone following what I do except concerned family members- my facebook posts the day I left I was delayed and got to spend the night in Miami- AI PAPI! 

I looked everywhere for Gloria and her MSM entourage, but alas, it was me and 300 British people trying to get back across the pond to their home. I did what anyone would do: Sociology experiments, aka people-watch. 

Talks with a Pretend Michael Caine. 
After not talking to a human being for 9 hours and befriending a "Smarte Carte" who became my "Wilson" (think Castaway) I got up the courage to chat up a Brit who looked like Sir Michael Caine on the bus ride to our overnight (paid for- holler!!) stay at the Best Western Plus (it was REALLY nice to be honest- I would vouch for that with where I've stayed, but I don't want to sound pretentious-- it rhymes with "Raylord Talms" and "Pairmont...."). 

We really hit it off me and the pretend Michael Caine. I could have talked with him for hours. He reminded me of a British version of my dad. For real. I learned he was retired. He had gone on "holiday" to Miami, his first time to the states. 

I began our convo by trying to figure out why there were so many Brits coming from Miami by hilariously imploring, "So. Why are all you British folk here? Is it another invasion?" He laughed and assured me, "Heavens no! I'm trying to leave!" 

We talked about so many things on the way to that Best Western. 
What the deal was with all the Italians (my people! there were like 10 of them I think) and the man-bags?
Doctor Who. Is it really that big of a deal in Britain? What was a police box? 
How he was asked to dance by a Tranny in Miami and declined. 
The amazing patience of the British (MANY hours delayed, not one visible fit I saw!). I told him that Americans would be cussing and eating each other if that had been us. I saw this one couple just look at each other and shrug when they announced we'd be staying overnight. SHRUGGED. As in one shrug and done. 
British people. I want to know more about you. Pretend Michael Caine, you are the best. Maybe you're even better than Real Michael Caine. I do hope you find a beautiful lady gardener chum someday because you can't keep all that charm to yourself. No!

Why I'm Even More Messed up in the Head Now...
I've been hoarding all that I've seen in my brain. It's just done a number on me. 

I'm going to try to break it down, but the main point of everything was said by one of the amazing people in the group I went with (I really mean amazing- not like the word they throw out on the Bachelor meat market show!), he or she said this, 

"So many people go to change the world on a mission trip. But what changes is you." I might have paraphrased or screwed that up.

 But yes, I'm changed. I pray it lasts. 

Seeing more of the world makes me realize how much less I can do with what I think is my world. 

Meeting new people who can see miracles happen around them because they are so undistracted and unrushed. 

Seeing children, beautiful children, that have been pushed away by society because of their race, the Roma people (we know them as Gypsies here in America)- seeing them and their joy. 

Watching the kids confess sins in front of all their friends. I'm talking real deal sins (Not that one is above or bigger than the other) but stuff our kids are not confronted with. And then, become sisters and brothers with me in Christ. Powerful. 

Watching broken men and women, made not only whole in Christ, but redeemed and restored and and wholly refurbished, cleansed to spread their new found faith and restoration with their people. 

We heard a sermon on the prodigal son and then watched a prodigal daughter return from her travels as a prostitute and accept Jesus and come into His glory as a new creation. 

I saw 100 kids wait patiently, barefoot and with sores all over them, for a donated pair of shoes from one of the churches I went with. Then I saw them walk out with their pair with huge, grateful smiles on their beautiful faces. 

See what I mean? 
I'm messed up now. Even more than I already was. 
And I've felt weird about going there as almost a voyeur of sorts to watch these beautiful people. I prayed that I would tell their story the way Jesus told their story to me. 

Humbled is the word. Just what I've been praying for. 

More to come. 

Thank you MANNA Worldwide for providing opportunities to get messed up in the head for people like me. 

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