Monday, May 12, 2014

I'd Like To Order One INCREDIBLE CFA Employee To Go Please.

This is a little story of Customer Service at its finest. 

Today I picked up my catering order from the Katy Mills Chick-fil-A operation and I almost came home with the nicest college-aged-employee ever.
Like almost adopted/Christian-abducted him and became his benefactor for life except I'm not "of wealth."

Go visit him now.
If you are in the vicinity of Texas, you need to leave your sitting position and head on over to the Katy Mills Chick-fil-A and meet Christopher T. He might still be there!
I know his last name because I asked him for it when I was profusely bragging on his awesomeness. I had to know it for when I called the "Operator" who sounded equally as wonderful herself.

It was 10:30ish and the weather, balmy. Wind. I hate you. Breeze, you are okay, but Wind- lame.

I had to pick up a catering order for a lunch- wait- I know this is making me sound important. I'm not, so don't get crazy. Let me just dash those hopes! I do think it was a baller move though.

SO I got Squishy (our darling nugget in her own 5-6month way) in the stroller and there's the aforementioned Wind and I see the Chick-fil-A uniformed Angel briskly walking/running to the door. I almost started to back that stroller up (It's a big, fine stroller...) and then I realized that this boy (can I call him that?? Is that weird? I haven't owned my age yet. I'm 33. Someone tell me is that weird?) was opening BOTH doors simultaneously for me.

I thought, oh surely he was going outside himself and just happened upon this already-tired Wind hating mother- NO. As I said, "Oh thank you! You are a guardian angel!" He goes---- wait for it----
"You're welcome. No, I'm just a Chick-fil-A employee!"



At this point I'm already mentally writing his letter of recommendation for a GM position to Mr. Cathy himself.  BUT IT GETS BETTER.

He goes on, "Yeah, I saw you coming and thought I'd come help."


He then proceeded to kindly fill the catering order and not mind me just hanging out while I bottle-fed the Squishy. Another sweet girl-employee asked me if I wanted something to drink. I don't know if she meant for free or for purchase, but whatever totally sweet. I declined.

Baby done eating- so I say casually how I will need help to the car and you know our guy was ALL OVER IT.

He made - are you ready for this- 3 trips to my car and back.
One to get the bags to my car- which he helped load.
Two to get my bag of ice that I kept harping on about. Maybe I was just really glad I finally remembered ice.?? I have issues. Ice-sues.
Three- and this is the best- he asks, "Did you get your sauces? Is it okay if I check for you?" (Me- stunned, "uhhh yeah, sure, you are the best- do you have a mother??") Turns out, I was missing the Chick-fil-A sauce (I now know it has mayo cleverly disguised in it. Nice try Mayo. Well played, but you are still the condiment of the devil...) So the 3rd trip is to get my sauce and bring it to my car.

This kid amidst all the helping tells me he is hoping to go to Texas A&M University. You know, where Jesus went. - Well I jest, I went there and I think it's where the worlds nicest people go. So.... OF COURSE HE IS AN AGGIE. At this point, I'm telling him "Good luck and Gig 'em!" and also calling our lawyer to add him as a beneficiary.

The sweetest.

So I naturally called the store to brag via phone on this "Just a Chick-fil-A employee Saint." I get the "Operator" who I told all about my adventures with Christopher T. the nicest employee in the world. She said she'd not only make sure it gets back to him, but will also tell her whole staff so it can serve as an example! Smart leader!!!

This is how you serve others people. He went above and beyond for this tired Mama. And I am heralding Chick-fil-A for hiring people with integrity and kindness and with a heart committed to excellence!

Thank you Lord for Chick-fil-A!

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