Thursday, February 6, 2014

Schooloption & Spiderman.

Oh 30 day challenges for all the public to see aren't you a laugh-riot!

I just love humiliating myself on such a large platform such as the internet.

In my defense, I have just a tad of stuff going on and I don't journal like I should so y'all have to suffer hearing it if you have even continued reading.

Stuff that rhymes with schmajopshion. Yes, that. Things are heating up and I've had to do stuff I didn't think was possible for our family in the whole 3 Nichols becoming 4 business.
5 if you count that cute little dog. And guess what??


Nope. Oh I've told some family and friendamily peeps, but absolutely are not supposed to divulge anything on social media lest we want to be un-considered for a kid. So I'm making a point to write that down so I can visually see the Hand of God in this and our future daughter can too.

It's no small thing adopting. You are interrupting the enemy's plans to own a life. Well, I'm not doing anything. God is.

So yeah....

There's Snow business like Snow-business!
And here in Katy, TX there's been these phantom ice storms and silly school closures and this and that and the like. And I'm so freakin over cold. Totally knowing that I am talking about Southeast Texas cold which is relatively so not cold.
My salamander body is not equipped to handle this and it's causing me mini-fits of rage that like to come up when I can't zip up my kid's coat which is now in lost and found purgatory. I tried to look for it, but when I had to dig through the pile all I could think of was lice and had to stop.

Drooling over Schooling:
And we are looking into "other options" for our kid's schooling because we crave huge family transitioning times that totally earthquake our home in a good way...

Here's the deal with that.
My kid is of a certain group of children- all kids are in certain groups (when you get down to it) and I'm not trying to sound elite in that at all- and this particular group of kids need attention in different ways (just like all kids in their respective groups). And only a handful of people understand that in our particular school district. And frankly, like bronchitis ain't no one got time for these kids! Especially when they have over 1,000 other kids to deal with.

Same Exam For All Animals Cartoon

So what happens then?
  • Your kid reads in class. A LOT. (Thankful she loves to read, but....)
  • They are told that they don't really need to do the Christmas break homework - excuse me, winter break. Christians are not allowed to practice their faith- remember that! Silly me!
  • And then 100's which seem like a good thing (we are thankful for sure!) are actually a sign that my child is not being challenged in the way she needs and therefore cannot develop the resiliency which is the key to pretty much everything life throws your way.  And her mom likes run-on sentences.
  • So when she hits a wall which is inevitable, there is no resilient quality to let her know that she knows she can get through stuff that has been "hard" before.
  • Your kid starts saying, "I don't like school." This is the same kid that lived for school a couple of months ago. 
I do not blame her teachers!!!! AT ALL. I'm such a teacher fan. I'm 98.7% always on their side. Promise.
Look, I'm not trying to subtly brag here.
There has got to be other moms that feel this way. It's a different type of struggle that has to go unannounced in comparison to other struggles- YET IT IS STILL A STRUGGLE. One that we are trying with God's lead through prayer to get on top of before it gets hairy.

Does anyone else- moms I'm looking at you- have this super-spidey-sense where they can see where their kid is headed and they don't like it? I can see it. 

We are looking at private schooling - a small school that caters to kids that fit into this mold and actually love to talk about mold, science, etc. etc.

And also at homeschooling, but I'm so not worthy. Did you see that huge run-on sentence back there? Yeesh!

Our thinking is like this:
If He calls us to go to Private School, then He will equip us for that journey.
If He calls us to homeschooling, then He will equip me to homeschool her complete with pigs with wings in flight.
And if He calls us to stay in our current Public School, then you guessed it- equippage.

This is what is going on. I know it's nothing all together spectacular.

It's just lots of decisions that make this momma stress-eat on some days and forget to eat on others (another mountain for another day). I'm thankful to be a parent. I'm not complaining. I'm just saying in hopes that we can all band together as moms and know that dang, parenting is not a joke.

I think this quote from Spiderman (the comic and the film) says it best:

Thank you Stan Lee.

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