Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Show Us Your Walgreens!

I am mad at you Walgreens.

And I am mad at you celebrities that show your goodies under a jacket or under your arms/hands.
It's always the mom-ebrities that do it too. We get it. You still have it, thanks to Photoshop. And the youngins trying to prove they have it and they are not "little" anymore. Okay, so what? Now you're a complete hooch because you've just turned 18?

Has anyone been to Walgreens in a while? It's disgusting. Maybe it's just the particular one I attempted to patron today, but dang.

I counted no less than three separate magazines of Miley, Kate and that God forsaken SI chick that were all out on covers- completely uncovered- right there at little ones' eye levels mind you. My goodness. And it was all over- not just the mag section. Near the batteries. Near the photo pick up. Near the checkout.

HOW DO YOU TALK AT THE DINNER TABLE TO YOUR LOVED ONES (WHO MOST CERTAINLY SHOP AT WALGREENS) ABOUT YOUR LATEST MAG COVER? Oh yeah Grandma, nothin' to it. You just wear this jacket and nothing else- it's a little weird at first and totally awkward, but I'm really proud about how it turned out. I feel so liberated. 

Please do not get me started- DGMS!- about the pics I see on Facebook or Pinterest either. Gross.

I'm asking you. How is that helpful? Facebook: The 24 hr Show and Tell.

So that's the angry mom talking.
And then I get all sad and filled with pity.

Maybe if someone in these girls' lives had told them that they were lovely simply because they are them and they are God's, maybe if someone had told them that, would they still feel inclined to prove to the world that they are whatever adjective they pursue or strive for?

I, for one, will not be taking my daughter into Walgreens. I'm not starting a petition. I'm just trying to limit her exposure to crap like that.

It's not because I think she will turn out like that if she looks upon it. It's because I have more respect for those women then they have for themselves.

And I'm thankful for one headline that's out in the stores although it's so none of my business and no one elses'... I loathe magazines like these. I'm not passing judgement on you. I have been convicted in this area and had to stop. Just saying. But I'm thankful for this:
Catherine Giudici, Sean Lowe

 Why is this news?

Please tell your little girl that she is lovely, it's imperative. We need less nothing-under-jacket women in this world. 

And read, Captivating by Stasi Eldridge. Must.


Courtney said...

I feel the same way as you. My heart aches for girls/women who feel they have to dress this way. I just wanted to reach out to them, hug them and tell them they are beautiful, not because of how they dress, but because of who God made them to be.

The Nichols Fam said...

Well said. Agreed. Amened. For real. I'm so not better than these girls. I just want them to their worth from the source of TRUE LOVE!