Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Master Bath Shower Reveal!

We updated! Wanna see how it turned out? Remember the gaping hole of dispair from Feb. 2011?? We had a cute surprise a year and 3 mos. ago when we found out our shower was MOLDED. Look, I don't even care I just all-caps it! So John demo'd it and we migrated on to Leelah's bathroom.
Well, we finally were able financially to hire a fantastic company, Total Package Turnkey (the owner just happens to be in our Bible Study class- megabonus!) and look how it turned out! Note the old shower before pic in the upper left corner:
I jazzed up the pics Zatarain's style to showcase their beautiful work! We all used Leelah's b'room shower for a year and 3 months, and we're alive! This was a no-complaint test and I tried my best to not say anything throughout the wait. Frugaliciousness: We would have had it done sooner if it weren't for the replacement of 4 new tires for my CR-V. We cash-flowed it praise the Lord! Why do I mention this? To give people hope that you don't have to have it RIGHT AWAY! and go into debt over it, plus get something you might have had to settle for. On to more pics!
New tile floor to replace the hotel carpeted bathroom feel and tile around the edge of the tub.
We purchased all the tile ourselves and told them how we'd like it designed. The tile purchasing was made through 7 trips to the store, Floor and Decor. We're BFF's with them now. We learned things like- do not use slate for anything involving the shower or ceramic- but use porcelain if it's in the shower. We picked out ceramic tile (.69/sq ft! clearance!) for both master and guest and entryway tiling. OH yeah the guest bathroom- i.e. LeelahTown:
Can you tell we are anti-whitetile in our house!!!! And anti-cleaning!? That's why we wanted the rain glass and bronze hardware:
We did just stare at it with a fear that we might mess it up for a few days.... We feel very resort- not like we know what that means.
John suggested we have a Shower Shower, where people bring us gifts like loofahs, soap, Tilex daily shower cleaner, squidgees, etc. Save the Date for never on that!

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Ashley S said...

I LOVE it! Way to be patient, because it came out great! And I love the idea of a shower shower. I'll be getting you one of those foot cheese graters. (This may have sent twice. Couldn't tell if it went the first time.)