Friday, April 13, 2012

Lovely Girls Club

What if we told our little girls who face elementary school everyday that they are lovely?
What if we had these little lovely girls go out to a world they don't see everyday and share that loveliness by being the hands and feet of Christ and serving others?

Well, you would have what my daughter and I are calling: Lovely Girls Club.
It's simple and so very uncommon. For 2 years I have searched. There is a lack of young girl clubs or settings where we start with Kindergartener girls--5th grade and just pour love on them and tell them their TRUE worth: they are Lovely because they are His! There is a wonderful organization: American Heritage Girls. But you have to have that chartered. If you attend a church that has 50,000+ members, that can be quite difficult to start up. So, alas, God is leading me to different options.

While I have an immense passion to tell young girls they are lovely and they matter, it is a scary venture. I have my past to consider and fear. Me, Lord? I'm so unworthy.
But that is where I trust that God will prevail.

Have you ascertained that this is not a frugalicious Friday post?
This homegirl is b to the zee right now, with what I hope is the Lord's work and not my own.

Bullying, promiscuity, and just plain yuck start planting their heart-bombs in Kindergarten. There are plenty of tweens/teen reactive measures, clubs, books, programs, etc. But what about our little girls who are forced to not be little? It's a shame. And they need good role models to make goodness cool again. And that's why we are recruiting older lovely girls as well. To serve their sisters and be a role model as well as get some accountability and learn about responsibility.

God has been showing me in big ways the need that everyone wants but simultaneously overlooks for their little girls:
-I saw a precious and gorgeous teenage girl looking for self help books at the Bookworm shop the other day. I wanted to cry with her. She was alone in her search. I should have said something.
-This year, a high school student in the Katy ISD, drove her car into a tree and ended her young life because of a band of bullies that wouldn't let her rest.
-In my Bible Study class, one of our teachers said that his son was approached by a girl in his school and propositioned for sex. A girl approached him. Thank God his parents are Christ followers and sat her down and prayed with her to shed His truth on her precious life.
-While taking pictures at my daughter's school, I spoke with a little girl and shared her picture with her on my camera and told her that she was beautiful. To which she replied, "Oh, I'm not beautiful." She is five years old and already has this in her heart.
And my sweet 5 year old is already befuddled about kids and what they are thinking.

I was inspired by the book, Captivating by Stasi Eldridge 2 years ago.

I don't want to give the entire message away, but the main point was how God made women with the question: "Am I lovely?" It's in our soul and we will do almost anything to get a positive response.

God won't let me say no, I've already tried.
So we are starting a small group. We are meeting once a week with one service project a month to get our girls out there serving and realizing it's not all Chick-fil-a and princess parties out there in the real world. We are going to have fun. We are going to learn that we are lovely girls who do not need acceptance from this world. We don't need to earn love. We are His. We are precious. We can show love to others.

I would so very appreciate your prayers for God to lead this and for His protection. That God's message would be heard loud and clear. We will see what happens with this!


Lesly said...

I'm so excited about this amazing group and will be praying God does amazing things in young girls lives!!

Crissy at The Little House on the Right said...

"How lovely is your dwelling place, lord Almighty!" Psalm 84:1

We are all so lovely. If only I'd known that growing up and even remembered yesterday.

I'll be praying for your group.

MammaBearTyler said...

When I read this post, I thought about how this could definitely help my girls grow in the eyes of Christ. I am hoping to have them join!! This is an amazing concept and I hope things like this will change the future of our girls forever. It worries about the kids today, especially the young ladies. Go God, Go Gillian - amazing concept for sure!