Friday, February 24, 2012

Frugalicious Friday- Freedom!!

The other day I was, as one of my besties and I put it: "Pretty Womaned". Yes, I was "Pretty Womaned" at a lingerie store of all places.

Look. Let me get you straight on something. I'm silly. A silly rabbit that really has no business being in this type of establishment to begin with. I have a very 6th grade mentality i.e. I always laugh at the most inappropriate subjects and or times. So don't be all: "SHE'S SHOPS AT A LINGERIE STORE!?!?!??" And it's not Targie!? Same page now? Great.

So I roll up at this place in Katy in my Honda CR-V, circa 2008, and head in with a budget. Oh yes, we had budgeted for what I needed. As in, we had an index card and cash. I was Julia Roberts- oh how I wish I was Ms. Legs for Days!- So this is how it went down:

Me/Poor Man's Julia Roberts: "I've got money to spend here." And that would be the said budgeted cash.

Shop Ladies: "Well, here's a _____, but it's $78 and that's going to be way out of your price range." Heavy snobbery with every ounce of snooty- complete with looks and frustration that I would not be a big spender at their store.

Yes. That happened. I had been in there previously the day before and the above happened when I came in the next day to return something that didn't turn out well. Close friends can ask for the story later.

Had I not had Jesus in my heart and had I not been in a rush, I could have gotten a little snarky-snark back to this woman. What good would that have accomplished? None. Plus, there is freedom for me mentally, now that I am on a budget. I don't care who knows that we are a family on the way to being debt free. Knowing that we have a plan to quote Dave Ramsey: "Live like no one else, so we can live like no one else." really gives me peace of mind and freedom to say no to things that would put us in the living beyond our means category.

So what. That lady's ignorance doesn't bother me. Lady you better hope you don't have to have 10 eye surgeries, plus 4 other surgeries in 2 years and have to go on a medical mystery tour of Mayo Clinic!!! I don't care what you think. You can buy all you want. What I'm paying for is in cash and the bill won't be sent to me next month in the form of a balance- holllaaahhh!!
And THANK YOU JESUS! All that glory goes to Him!

There is freedom in having a frugalicious outlook and that is a huge unforeseen benefit of this whole plan. We're not trying to do anything to keep up with anybody and I love that.

Today is Freedom Friday on Dave Ramsey's radio show where callers call or go visit Dave at Financial Peace Plaza to tell their story of debt freedom. He interviews them to see what they did and how much they paid off. These calls are so encouraging for me personally, that I cry every time I hear them yell: "WE'RE DEBT FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" No really, shed a tear every time.

We plan on calling in too in, God willing, 19 months! I can't wait to do that and Leelah will join us in this family victory.
We just have the cars and the student loan left. Thank God! Don't be afraid to not keep up with the insanity of the world's indebtedness! Glory!

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Sweet T said...

Those ladies give "local" businesses a bad wrap. Even just a little snootiness will not bring them repeat customers. AND, if they can't handle that you need budget undergarments then they shouldn't sell them in that price range at all. You handled yourself well!