Friday, January 6, 2012

Frugalicious Friday No. 15! Preparations.

On fun note, this is how I looked during the morning send off of J & L today:

But it's not how I feel- that's a good thing!

Hey. It's time to talk about death.
Boy, that sure didn't have the ring to it I thought it would...
What about this?
Let's talk about dying.
Nope, not much better- wait:
Let's talk about Dying!
Okay no matter how fancy you type it, it's not fun to talk about or think about. Especially if you are not prepared financially.

If you are a Dave Ramsey listener already, please forgive me, but if not I'm talkin' 'bout wills. You've gotta have one. You just do. Trust me. Stuff can get messed up. If you have kids, come on! Well we don't have a will, but we are getting one in place- soon!

We purchased one online and it was C to the Onfusing! So it stalled us. Sure we have a list of 2 Parent Takeover Choices (Gillian's legal term) and have talked about how Leelah is going to get my extensive Charming Charlie/Sam Moon/With Hints of James Avery bauble collection, but we currently don't have that in writing so it's as good as nothing.

UNTIL TUESDAY! Thanks to some friends (they're on the kid takeover list they're that good), we have a referral for an attorney and we are going to meet on Tuesday to plan our estate package. I know, I know, "estate" sounds very Bruce Wayne to me. We don't have a manor. We do have a "cottage", i.e. suburb brick 1 story that we continually drive by because it looks like everyone else's "cottage". So we are going to plan the following:
1. Who's gonna take care of our kid.
2. Money- cha ching! Read: Life insurance in the form of a trust. (Again, scary word for "cottage" folk but important.)
Sidenote: Dave recommends you get life insurance that equals 8-10 times the amount of your yearly income. It is icky for me to think about this. He recs and we use Zander insurance. I can say from set up, they were on their game.
3. Power of attorneys- medical and decision making.
4. Just tell them you want the "estate package" without fries and they will know what to do, but shop around so you don't get hosed.

Do it. We had to save up for many months to get this taken care of. And thank the Lord, we are ready to talk about Death on Tuesday. We figured it'd be best to derail the debt snowball to get this knocked out first. Sometimes you have to do that.

It's part of growing up. I'm looking forward to this in a weird way. I'm sure there will be some self-defense mechanism jokes geared at my funeral preparations in hopes to lighten the mood. But let me encourage you that it's cool to grow up!

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