Monday, August 15, 2011

Party of Five

(Teaser Photo to keep you reading all the way through...)

Hello to you! This is Gillian's skeleton writing since her skin/cells/fat/muscle/organ/tissues have incinerated due to her hormone imbalance thus causing something known as, "hot flashes" in Texas summer heat. You can call me "skelly". What's it like just being a skeleton you ask? Well, I don't like to sit in bleachers because it hurts my pelvis. And I have to only shop in the Halloween aisle, which makes purchasing milk a problem...

That's all I got. Hope a little laugh creeped out for you. I did come up with that whilst not sleeping, so if I bombed I'm going to blame the lack of sleep or the hormone imbalance. By the way, I'm off the plant stuff. I went crawling back to my old lady doc and begged her for the synthetics. I even said, "I'm in a bad way!" The natural stuff is great if you have tons of dollar bills to spend on the saliva tests and the meds, but I didn't have time or cash to play around with that! I've got 3 weeks to get back to "normal" on my new spray which should work better than pills. As the NP said, your body has no idea really what is plant based and what is synthetic. I don't know which side I believe, but for now I'm sticking to the fake stuff. What kind of psycho changes their hormone replacement therapy in 100 degree plus heat!? That'd be me.

So on to the cute one. Leelah had her 5th birthday last month! We try alternate between friend parties and family parties each year. This year was a friend party, meaning she could invite her buds. We told her to pick only 5, plus one to grow on and then her cuzzy, Ryan of course!

Here's how the theme picking went down....
me: Leelah, what kind of party do you want?
L: A My Little Pony party!
me: Oh so do you want ponies to come that you all could ride? (We had just been to one of those and I was kind of praying no, i.e. aforementioned budget constraints.)
L: No, I just want to decorate with My Little Ponies. That's all.

The simple sweetness of her wanting to just decorate with her ponies melted my heart. I mean there I was trying to extravagant-ize her wishes and she brought me back down to earth. Thank God for that! So she picked out the party colors of pink and purple and we went full steam ahead on the MLP train and kept it simple at our place, like a glorified playdate with all of her precious girlfriends:

We had a jumping in the clouds activity that involved a trampoline complete with a homemade rainbow to create Ponyville:

And I even busted out a cake! A lot of prayers, advice, and shaky hands and it turned out okay (I have an ugly-cake-baking disease):

And boy howdy, she was really determined to blow those candles out. Future-Leelah, please don't be mad at me for posting this and sorry for mommy also talking about her jacked-up hormones. We love you!
We also did pony-crowns, unicorn making and pinata hitting. Which to me, is always fodder for America's Funniest Home Videos! All the parents screaming of "WATCH OUT!" or "BASH IT enter name here" makes me laugh.

And we are sick people. Well, mostly John and his macabre humor! He totally posed this pic with her and what's left of her pony pinata. I think it's hilarious personally... And no, we didn't tell her anything regarding anything Godfather related. Again, Leelah I'm sorry your parents are dorks.


The Vining Family said...

Love it all! The party was perfect!

Mindee said...

Keeping it real! Love the hormone therapy part. Laugh-out-loud funny! Love you, Gilli!

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! funny pic of the head!!