Friday, August 19, 2011

Frugalicious Friday!! No.1

Look, I'm trying to save some dough. I'm not claiming to be a genius at this, but frugalicious is my way of life. It's my family's way of life. Ever since we started doing Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover plan we are all about the envelope- cash system, the budget meetings, and trying our best to be what he calls "gazelle intense" about paying off our debt and saving money!

We started the plan 3 years ago and since then we've paid off 7 credit cards. Paid off all the medical debt I've incurred (that'd be about 14 surgeries and countless MRI's) all in cash. Paid for a new roof, a/c, refrigerator, and God willing a new shower all in cash. I'm not bragging- I'm saying thank you Lord that we aren't getting any more debt! We have not gotten any more credit cards (PRAISE!). We have been living off a cash-only budget (well sometimes a check card does happen more than I'd like) which John and I are in cahoots together about.

In fact our communication together about money is my favorite part. We meet every 2 weeks the night before payday. We sit down with our calculator and our budget box and our planner and get after it. Oh and first we pray! We pray for His guidance, His wisdom and thank Him for our provisions! And I'm kind of a froot-loop about showing off my envelope wallet. Kind of like I just got plastic surgery implants or something where I constantly want to show people "LOOK AT THESE!(envelopes)" Sorry I got a little crass there.... You knew that would happen!

Okay so on with it! In this inaugural segment of Frugalicious Friday, I'd like to show something I did to save money. My kid's backpack:

Y'all know I have a lion lover in the house. I googled lion backpacks and all I got was either Lion King circa 1990's cruddyness or Detroit Lions fanwear. Wasn't happening! So she's rocking her $4 dollar backpack, purchased at last year's Labor Day Sale at Old Navy and a $1.99 lion applique from the glorious Hobby Lobby. I ironed that bad boy on and didn't look back. Simple.
Total Cost for school backpack= $6.00 Or just $2.00 if you don't count that I purchased the backpack last year!

You could slap a flower with a bejeweled center on there, a cute button, more applique choices, etc.! Easy.

Oh and just wait for next week. Spoiler alert: I'm bringing in one of my most favorite humans on this planet. And she is a true artist in frugaliciousity! Her phone calls and tidbits have saved our family some huge dollar-dollar-bills y'all! So she will help me co-write this segment. Go ahead get to know her and her skills!


joyce said...

Good going Gillian! Otherwise known as "GGG". Cute concept. And, I think I may know your "future partner in crime". Ha! Love ya, Momma J

The Nichols Fam said...

Thank you Momma J! And thanks for teaching your babies right! Love ya!