Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Voyage to the "R.E."

I have the saddest story to tell you Ms. Mary! (sweet friend and caregiver) This weekend we went to the restaurant and my mom got really sick and she had to be ambulanced to the R.E.!!!
- Leelah, talkin' about this past Sunday.

Yes. I got crazy "my undergarment is now a vice around my back and chest" pains at Lupe's Tortilla. Yes, I had to be ambulanced out of there and taken to the E.R. (R.E. is Leelah's way). No, I had not eaten anything yet- not even ordered!!! Yes, the staff at Lupe's Tortilla on Hwy 6 were champs and helped saved the day. No, I didn't have a heart attack. Yes, I still don't know what the heck happened to my body that day.

It was weird. Weird, slightly embarrassing, and totally dramatic. Since we know I have a connective tissue disorder and we still don't have a name for it (if we ever will is up to the Lord!), we had to be cautious and not pass go on our way to the hospital. Oh and I started to black out at the restaurant. I kept slumping over and my face wouldn't stop twitching. Those poor just wantin' a little family lunch patrons that had to watch me literally spazz out all over the place while pretending to not be watching and also pretend to be concerned and eat salsa all at once. Geesh. They probably thought they were in the taping of ABC's "What would you do?" show. Only one person came up and said something, "You should call the paramedics!" Thanks kind sir. I appreciated that.

We got to check out the new Methodist Hospital in Katy though. Gotta love that new hospital smell! Which is consequently the exact fragrance I put in my car, "New hospital" smell! They were great. I got EKG'ed, blood drawn, and chest x-rayed. All results said nothing. I got an anti-inflammatory shot and the ER doc said something about my muscles in my chest were spasming and that caused the severe pain. Hmm... Kind of like my CRAZY RT HIP PAIN YOU MEAN!?!?! I don't know.

Of course my rheum doc has been gone all week. And they ask, "Well have you called your Primary care doc?" I DON'T HAVE ONE OF THOSE! I'M TOO RARE FOR PRIMARY CARE! I really did say that, but not in a yell-tone.

So I got a catscan yesterday of the hip. Or as I call it, "the last of the scans". I surprisingly enough have not had this done yet. Dr. Bhanusali (rheum) thought I should so I did. Don't have results yet. And my leg that was improving, is back to pain town. Which is a bummer, but hey, it's just what's up at the moment. Physically at my worst, mentally at my best all by the grace of God.

Next week, I go scare another, fresh, new primary doc. The plus is that this guy will be a Baylo Clinic doc. I've eeked my way into their system now. They probably throw darts at my chart during lunch and breaks. My medicine is whack. I mean, it's livable, but it's a lot to manage. It could be worse.

So that's the haps! So thankful for the friends who helped us out. It's a wonder they still answer phone calls from the Nichols!!! I give all my friends a red phone for when I call...


Anonymous said...

Could you make mine pink?!!

The Nichols Fam said...

Absolutely yes! Perfect!