Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blessed Christmas Moments

This past Sunday Leelah sang at church in her pre-school choir, WAMjr! There is truly nothing I enjoy more than these performances. I treasure these moments. It doesn't matter if my kid sings or sulks- I love it. All the crazy stunts the kids do during are just pure gold to me. And there were great moments... I've blogged about them before and they still hold true: Christmas Programs are Hilarious

And we even got to hang with our precious family! And get a semi-plausible family photo which would be great if not for my glasses which if in the sun just right might catch my face on fire.
But really, thank you Lord for your Son and for these moments which are just brilliant.


Tina said...

Precious Leelah did such a great job singing!

Leigh said...

Oh so great. Love it.