Thursday, October 28, 2010

New News

So my loves.

Here's the sitch.

I got a call today from my current orthopedic's office- then 2 calls from Dr. Kaldis himself. He told me that the MRI of the hip this past Tues showed "edema" in the bone marrow. Edema is simply a term that describes an abnormality. Now, he doesn't know what the heck it is. I asked him how urgent it was, he said I've been living with it so long I can just wait til Mayo. WTM-WAIT TIL MAYO! It's my new life slogan.

I'm just not worried. I tried to be for about 20 minutes, but God wouldn't let me. You know He knew about it before I did so I figured He also knows the plan about it too. What will worrying do?

John's already got a theory and I think it might be good- just for those of you that can't help it. The doc had mentioned vascular necrosis (dead vessels) and apparently there is something called transient bone marrow edema, blah blah blah.

I am so good with this. I know it's because of your prayers!!! Just giving you all an update. Something tells me that with this new info I will require more time at Mayo. Who knows, we'll see. I got a prayer pager today. I will be posting the number soon.

Thanks my dear friends.

Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Girl! There are many who are praying for you! And you are right! God so has your back and your hip!

Leigh said...

Thanks for the update Gillian. Been think'n about you. :)

Jon said...

edema actually means swelling caused by a pooling of fluid. frequently a circulatory issue. No wonder you're in pain. that pressure and swelling is probably compressing nerves. keep us posted. I want to know your ailment has been positively diagnosed and successfully treated.