Monday, October 25, 2010

Legends of Our Fall.

SO we did the pumpkin patch this weekend. Can I say that while it was fun as always with my fam, I was a little t.o.'ed at the feistyness of the other peeps there? People need to chill. It's fun. Not FreakOut Photo Time USA! Sheesh. I guess if you have a squiggly little infant where you only have one shot, then okay go ballistic on my family 'cus we're all up in your set up. But let's inject some fun into it!
Here's how it turned out: These are sans "worry-face" pics.

What else has been going on....
We got Leelah a new big girl bed. She has sheets now!
We carved pumpkins with our shepherd group at church- this was a fun time all around! Leelah requested a snail. So John immediately drew up a design- his very own- in 5 minutes. He has skills y'all. I tell him constantly he should totally have a comic strip in the funnies section. He makes me laugh even with his drawings.
What else...
I am working on a lion costume for Leelah Jo. The mane is the bane of my existence...
I am going to attempt to bake a white chocolate rasp. cheesecake tomorrow. I do not bake very well. I don't bake well under pressure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John and I both got our coats for the Mayo Clinic trip, if you know me then you have heard all about this. We made a date out of it this past Friday. John wheeled me all up and down the mall and it was fun. John's is your simple, thick, man-coat in black. Mine is fabulous. Down, Lipstick red!?!!! Yes. I get it in tomorrow had to order it online on account of the color. I just pray I'm not allergic to the down. If I am, I have a back up.
Meanwhile, I've got all my paperwork turned in for Mayo and have my itinerary. They are on it y'all!!! I am going to physical therapy a couple times a week where they have NO clue what to do with me. All the docs and the therapists cannot wait to see what Mayo says. They say I have a hip pathology sitch and a back pathology sitch. I still cannot bear weight on my right leg and I am in constant pain with it. But my spirits are rock solid in the joy dept. !!! Praise!
I am healed remember?
So while I am thankful for this blessing to go to Mayo Clinic, I am not putting my faith in it but in the Lord. That His will be done.
And John and I have plans to shoot a "Mayo Clinic Doctormentary". It's going to be great. Heartfelt and funny. Hopefully. If not, you will never see it or speak of it! Any ideas for this? What would you want to see? Oh and we have a plan to go to all the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives listed in Rochester/Minneapolis/St.Paul area.
And we cut off our cable last week. It was hard. Oh the suburban suffering. But I felt led to do so. However, I will be seeing the finale of Project Runway at a "bring a pot" meal- thanks Michael Kors for that reference!!!

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