Friday, September 10, 2010

Mentors and Mayo

What's up cookiepants? I had a spanish teacher that called everyone 'cookiepants'. Love it.

Yesterday was a big day. It was the end of major planning for the beginning of the new mentor program, The Titus Project, for the ladies of our church. It was a fun and fierce night. And the best part was how well the Lord orchestrated everything. The night was a big Reality TV show theme. The mentees played games like American Idol and Project Runway- the duct tape/trash bag version! At the end of the night, they had their mentor and group members revealed to them. Never again can I complain I don't have a mentor! And what a blessing my sweet mentor, Candy, is. Cute and precious do not describe her well enough!! And as for the ladies in the group with me, well I cannot wait to get to know them better in this way. They are dolls. It's an exciting time. I'm very thankful to all the women that have been so involved in seeing God's plan come to fruition.

It's been a week so that means there's a new diagnosis/update for me! The emg results came back and I have nerve damage in both legs. I am still unable to put weight on my right leg and I am in major pain that has not been relieved with medicine. I have a new ortho - I had to have a 3rd opinion after I was practically tortured in an exam by the spine guy the 2nd hip doc sent me to. So we went from Katy to the med center and I am now under the care of Dr. Kaldis, who performed my dad's hip replacement surgery. Dr. K and his radiologist do not concur with the original ortho. They think that I do not have a stress fracture. That the hip MRI was showing fluid from the artherogram. Yes I am confused too.
So I was all upset from this.
And then Pop and I went to Dr. K for the results from the MRI of my lumbar spine this past Wednesday. It showed that in my L5 or lumbar spine area one of my discs is out of place and compressed and is pressing on my sciatic nerve. OUCH. He pushed on my back and I IMMEDIATELY SPAT OUT SPIT EVERYWHERE AND WAILED TEARS AND SCREAMED AND ALMOST THREW UP. I know this sounds dramatic. IT WAS!!! The pain was so awful, I couldn't remember how to walk or think for a brief minute after. They told me to sit back in the wheelchair and I couldn't even think how to sit!?!!?!!! It hurt SO bad. It was a 10. For sure.
SO Dr.K set me up for having an injection-epidural steroid- in the area that is having the pain. I go to get this on Tuesday. From -are you ready- Dr. Doctor. I JUST SAID, DR. DOCTOR!!!!!
Let the funny sink in people.
Hilarious. I know that's his name, but it has just given me so much joy. I am thinking this injection will either A) not work. or B) work for a limited time only. We will see.
We booked the flight for the Mayo Clinic trip today. Oh yeah, John and I are going there so I can get an accurate diagnosis. Did I mention that the eyes and the spine and the everything are all possibly explained by a connective tissue disorder? I've been in talks with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and they are confident that the Marfan clinic they have could provide a diagnosis for me and then I could take that info and give the Houston docs something to work with. It's important and a blessing. But I will not get my hopes in it. My hopes are in the Lord. I am thankful for His provision of a place I can go to for possible answers.

Phew. This was a really long post. I've had a lot going on. As Brad said on Rachel Zoe this past week, "I'm Oscar exhausted."

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