Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Avoid the AdeNOIDS!

Tell me someone out there remembers old school Domino's commercials? What the hay was that noid guy anyway??

The verdict is in and Leelah's Adenoids are out via adenoidectomy sometime in mid-January! Hasta la vista sinusista! The new ENT doc thought this would be best for Leelah since she has had 12 known sinus infections!?!!? As some of you might recall her pedi saying "You've got a kid with too many boogers." So from what I've been hearing this is a not a big deal surgery. I'm still reticent since they have to put my 3.5 yr old schmoopsy under though! We are hoping this will cease the sinus infections since the allergist decided against shots. Did I tell y'all Leelah totally ralphed all over John and I at the last allergy testing appt!? Yeah. That was not awesome. The smell alone...

So we've got that going for us.

Meanwhile, back at Camp Nichols, Leelah and I had bronchitis. Well she did. I don't know what I have- not flu (got swabbed) but something viral or sinusitis. Whatever it is it sucks. I sound like Kathleen Turner in her 90's. Leelah and I both hack like Doc Holliday a la Tombstone. I'm considering carrying a hanky with me wherever I go. Which is nowhere. I'm serious. Could we just stop with these ridiculous viruses? I promise I don't have a "hoarder" house. WE USE LYSOL DANG IT!!!! Today I realized we've been sickly for a long time when I opened the blinds and thought, "wow I haven't done this in a while." Then I thought, geez, we are like those people in that movie The Others with Nicole Kidman where they never leave the house because they're allergic to light. With me and my crazy cataract eyes that's not too far off!

So I bid you adieu. To you and you and not you.
Prayers that this adenoidectomy is Leelah's one and only "ectomy".


Lesly said...

I've got the same cough. It is gross! It is better than yesterday adn hopefully tomorrow even better. Here's hoping for good health!

Tina said...

I remember the Noid! Don't know what it was.
Girl, you are too funny about The Others.