Friday, March 13, 2009

Good News!

Doc Holz says- "No infection" in lefty!! Hooray! Praise the Lord! Good stuff. He says that the pain is attributed to the fact that I've had 2 big surgeries in that eye and that it is "grumpy". So wait a sec, it's grumpy and lazy? Who am I Snow White? Seriously. But it's cool. I can totally live with grumpy thanks to artificial preservative-free (must be) tears 3 times a day. Whoop!

Righty will just have to do it's thing before the docs touch it. Will either have the lens drop further or the cataract move in- which is happening. But thank God that I have the BEST eye docs for when this happens.

Will be trying new contacts in left to hopefully see if it will even work- remember it got lazy (amblyoptic?) on me.

As for now I'm going to rejoin my daughter and husband in the living room where there is a fort and puzzles. Fort, puzzles, Friday night, and rain. Yes!


Callie said...

praise the Lord!!!

Tina said...

Princess, you ARE "The Fairest One of All"!!! I'm the fairest, but in a different way. My fairy tale name is "Pasty" White. Or...wait...maybe that's my rapper name. Either way, I need some sun fo' shizzle!
Great news on the eye stuff!

Anonymous said...

yeah!!! PTL!!!

Ashley Sumners said...

Yay! It's funny how your eyes and my boobs have the same names.