Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eye can't believe it's not better...

Life is good around the Nichols' place. It's been "especially delicious" (Nacho Libre weekend has got me laughing! "Hug, Hug, Kees, Kees, Big hug, little keees") because I've finally implemented a daily quiet time with the Lord. I finally heeded the advice of giving God the "first fruits" meaning wake up and do a little Bible studying first thing. Hopefully before Leelah Monster runs in with her hair all askew a la Donald Trump. Why does her hair grow forward? Tell me? Anyhoo, this quiet time thing is AWESOME! It's been about a week since the Lord made me do this and I listened. Take the beginning of last week. I was feeling down and out. All kinds of unexplained sadness and frumpy dumpy time. Then I went to Wednesday morning Bible study at church and heard the whole "you got to do the quiet time in the morning" spheil. So the next day I did it. And that whole day and the subsequent days, I felt better and could rejoice where I would have been all gripey-gripey. So thank you Kristi for your lesson on that last week. Not like she's even reading this. But I am giving her the shout-out nonetheless. Thank you Lord for speaking through the women of Second Baptist!

So the eye appt... Arrrgghaghahhhghah. Or as Richard Dreyfuss says in one of my all time fave movies "What about Bob?" - GETOUTTATHTACCAHHHHH" But let me stop myself from getting on the complain train and remember:
"I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us." Romans 8:18. Not even worth comparison? Cool!

So I will simply ask for your prayers that God does some healing with the left eye (okay throw the right one in too). But the left eye is facing possible infection again. Endopthalmitis is not enjoyable number one. Number two) I really don't want another surgery - due to financial constraints. Number 3) I don't want them to take out the lens implant b/c then it's back to legal blindness (kind of there already) for another 6 mos. So please pray that the pain I am experiencing in that eye that leads me to believe is re-infection- pray that that is not the issue and that it will subside and or be taken care of. I go into the back of the eye (vitrectomy) doc on Friday to check on it. They couldn't tell me anything on Monday because they dialted it.

RIght eye's sight is starting to get weird on me. Seeing foggyness, black shadows, of course those crazy floaters are still happening. So I'm thinking the lens will drop soon or the cataract is moving in. Not really my problem since God is taking care of everything. Which is nice, because I'm seriously inept. And not a doctor. Hey, even doctors need help!

Leelah has got the ol' sinusitis and is at Cling Stage 5 right now. Poor child. Do NOT stop giving them Claritin when you can visually see the pollen. Sorry child! She did tell me something so sweet I had to write it down. Humor me while I share this,
"Mama I was talking to Jesus in my bedtime and he made me so happy in my bedtime." Ah jeez. I love that little kid I can't help myself I gotta tell ya! Katz's never closes (old school Houston deli commercial reference).

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