Friday, October 31, 2008

What's Love Got to Zoo with it?

When life gives you lemons- GO TO THE HOUSTON ZOO! Loved it. Perfect day for it yesterday. Leelah couldn't even stand the wonderfulness and me neither! 3 generations of fun had fun!!
Leelah's observations:
"Giraffes are growin!" (they're tall, no?)
"The big monkeys have boobies!" (upon seeing mama orangutan)
"RAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHRRRR" (Leelah taunting black leopard..)
"That monkey was rollin!" (baby orangutan rolling)
"Good job going to the zoo guys!" (upon leaving the zoo)
"I have so much today!" (we did too!)
"Nice Goat" (that goat let Leelah brush her!)

1 comment:

mike3 said...

Love those photos. But then I love just about everything about this family. That little ladybug needs to come feed the fish some more. They're hungry. Tell her!!! ...Papa