Friday, October 17, 2008

One-Eyed Yellow-Visioned People Eater

Well. Surgery. Blechhh. Let's just say I now have shooting glasses yellow vision plus people have 2 heads in my new terminator lens eye. I mean I now know who to terminate- but they're all blurry. So I've decided to Patch Adams myself until normal vision returns which should take 2-4 weeks. NOW they tell me! I gripe, but hey at least I had a brilliant surgeon attempt to fix my eye. Time will tell if it worked. RIght now I feel like "Sloth" in Goonies. BABY RUTH? BABY RUTH!!!!! Only for me it's QUESO! QUESO! But seriously I really was not prepared for this.

as for the neuro stuff I will get to that later. I have to get my eye healed right now which is a seemingly impossible task looking through it! But I have faith!

Meanwhile here at Crazytown, U.S.A. things are good. We're getting excited for our Nutcracker Market (will go to on a gurney if I have to!). I don't know what happened with that post below. The link should have appeared but didn't. Here it is
copy paste it now! It's Tremendous!

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