Thursday, October 2, 2008

Answered Prayer for answers

Thank you for your prayers- we have some leads I want to share with you.

Today was amazing. Which is good since yesterday stank big time. I have been feeling really ill since Sunday. I've been a little down b/c my neurologist is starting to give up on me and set my appt up for the end of this month and the tests I was supposed to have this week have not been set up due to a lot of ball dropping. Then God called me on my mom's cell phone today through an inspirational woman.

A lady called my mom to talk to her about my condition. She works up at Leelah's school (which Leelah loves majorly- Praise!) and she heard from Leelah's teacher (love, LOVE her!) about the symptoms I've been having and all the tests not showing up. MY mom has been talking to Ms. Penny every time she drops Leelah off at school. I've been feeling horrible and haven't been able to take Leelah in thanks to my mom for helping me with everything. Long story short (too late!), she called and totally gave me the answers as well as the name of her neurologist which I've contacted and already feel 100% better about.

This lady has MS and has had it for 10 yrs. The first 2 yrs they could not diagnose it and it almost made her crazy (sounds really familiar!). She has just about all of the symptoms I have. Everything, confusion, spots in eyes, numb legs and hands, trouble with balance, fatigue- I know right!? The problem with MS is it is hard to detect until it starts actually showing up in the MRI's which for her took 2 yrs. Even the spinal tap was negative (haven't had yet). This is such great news to me. Should I have this I have someone that has been through it and is living her life to the fullest! She's even considering biking in the MS 150! What a total inspiration. The great thing is she listened to the Holy Spirit who was speaking to her heart. She didn't know me or my mom but took it upon herself to reach out and we all needed her information so badly around here.

Now I have an appt with the new neuro who's a lot more proactive. I'm having the eye surgery soon to fix the lens on Oct. 15th.
I'm not saying I do have MS, but it does really seem to fit what has been going on. I'm not writing this to worry anyone. I'm totally not in worry mode what good would that accomplish? Should they say this is it- it is so not a big deal. You get medicine and take care of yourself and keep living.

Thanks again for your sweet and coveted prayers. I am thanking God today for this person He has brought into my life as well for all of you too whom I love so much!

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