Friday, August 8, 2008

Silly Summer Madness. Part Deux.

For Leelah's 2nd Birthday we had a weekend of fun...

Starting with the "Twos-Twos and Top Hats" Party where we had "tatwos"(we got complaints), face painting fishing, cupcakes and Leelah not knowing how or why she should open presents (it's not like she hasn't ever gotten any!).

We then went to Circus - see below posting for pics. Leelah sure didn't know what to think of that. She ended up liking it because of the "lions" - actually tigers and "podcorn".

Then we gathered courage and headed over to Chuck E. Cheese. Totally not as boogery as we thought it would be. But I sure as heck didn't lose the purell- if I could wear it on a necklace I would. Leelah LOVED the place and that's what counts! Is Chuck E. Cheese a Nutria though- I mean really. And the sound was really low for the singing so his mouth would move and it looked all kinds of weird. Kind of like Chuck E. was depressed and muttering to himself.
Ahhh summer.

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