Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Prayers please...

Today I return to the medical center- Scurlock Tower the bldg of my dad's ontologist and now my retina specialist. God is working on a new plan for me. A plan that might involve healing my eyesight or a plan that might involve seeing through darkness. This is difficult for me to write due to my impaired vision from dialation yesterday and from my worsening vision period. I am hopeful. For the first time at an eye appt they are willing to try surgery to possible heal the dislocation of my lenses. However they did find possible problems with my retinas- so this is where your awesome powerful prayers come in- please pray for my doctor's appt at 1:45 today. Please pray they find something fixable and they are not confounded. Please pray for my mother who's really had her fair share of worrying for the past years. God is good. I trust fully in whatever He is working on for us. Heck, if I do have to wear an eye patch- I'll bedazzle it! If I do go blind- I'll get an awesome new pet to lead me around and Leelah would love that! I read an awesome quote the other day: "Even when it's up to it's neck in hot water- the tea kettle still sings!" You gotta love that.

"With God nothing is impossible."- Luke 1:31

Thank you dear friends.


Kenzie said...

My clock says 1:38 and I'm praying for you right now as you prepare to go in to the appointment! Love ya and praying!

Callie said...

girl, I am praying for you!!! Please post an update when you have one!!!