Friday, August 22, 2008

I love being a lemon....

Lots of things going on!
First- please pray for John's Granny- she is in the hospital with pneumonia that she got while recovering from back surgery. Thank you for those prayers! She is in ICU in Conroe and is thoroughly being taken care of. Thank God for nurses and their amazing strength, endurance, and diligence!
Gillian's Surgery Schedule...
Genetics doctor appt - Monday- or the "Why was I born with dislocated lenses? Day" Leelah will also be looked at to determine if she will follow in my "lemon" footsteps. I think not!
Physical- Sometime before surgery.
First eye surgery Sept 2nd @ 6:30am. Will remove lens from left eye and all that good stuff... Will recover for 2 weeks.
Second eye surgery- Sept ?- will have new lens put in left eye. Sweet! Hope it's a terminator glowing red eye!
Third eye surgery- ???- No not on my 3rd eye- although that does need to be looked into- fixing the cataract and lens on the right eye with another possible surgery after that.
Brain transplant- ???
Seriously. How many more ectomies do I have to have? I'm up to 5!!! I will be rebuilt. Better. Stronger. Faster. More machine than human.


Ashley Sumners said...

Dude. I never knew about all of these maladies of yours until you started posting about them! I'll definitely be praying throughout the whole thing. I'm glad you can still see enough to type! :) Keep us updated! Love ya!

megandianne said...

hey... love you guys. you are in my prayers for sure. he rewards the faithful!

p.s. could you send me your mailing address?